Renard Plus RP16 bare board

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This is a Renard 16 channel bare board designed that is compatible with any of the Renard SSR boards. This is also compatible with DMX.

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The Renard Plus 16 combo is a low cost 16 channel controller designed to drive either ACSSRs or DCSSRs which switch their loads close to the item being controlled. Unlike other Renard designs like the Renard 64XC, the Renard Plus 16 Combo makes use of a different PIC, the PIC18F4520. This PIC allows 32 chanels per PIC to be controlled compared to the usual 8 channels per PIC (16F688) used in most Renard designs. This allows a smaller board and lower total cost.

For Documentation and Bill Of material (BOM) lists please visit the Renard Plus Website.

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PIC Programming Guide

Download (3.27MB)

RP RP-16 Renard/DMX Firmware

Renard Plus RP-16 Renard/DMX Firmware

Download (65.36KB)

Renard Start Address Guide

Download (159.91KB)

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