Renard Plus Shop Information

We are a small group of 5 people that got together back in 2012 and decided to produce a small line of printed circuit boards for the DIY Christmas Community. We are not a big business and we all work out of our homes. Some of us are still employed with a day job and some of us are retired.

All of our controllers can be controlled with freely available software including xLights or Vixen Lights.

All of our documentation, manuals, BOM's, and firmware can be found on the individual product pages.

To contact us for support, missing parts and questions please email me at

We also invite you to visit the DIY Christimas forum for more information about Renard Plus projects as well as other "blinkey Flasher" stuff. WARNING: This can be very addictive and we are not responsible for the outcome of becoming addicted.

For International orders please contact us before you place your order for a quote on the additional postage.


Dean, (A.K.A. Falcon)