Renard Plus TR-16 Controller Board

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Renard Plus TR-16 - 16 channel high current renard controller bare board.


The Renard Plus TR-16 contgroller board is a full power (24 amp) controller designed using the Renard protocol. Renard is the name of a computer-controlled, PIC-based dimmer scheme. This design uses a PIC micro-controller capable of outputting 16 channels and can be daisy-chained, use one-direction RS485 for input. This controller requires a personal computer to send it real-time sequences of dimmer commands to the controller.

For Documentation and Bill Of material (BOM) lists please visit the Renard Plus Website.

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PIC Programming Guide

Download (3.27MB)

Renard Plus TR-16 Firmware

Renard Plus TR-16 DMX/Renard firmware

Download (64.52KB)

Renard Start Address Guide

Download (159.91KB)

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