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Renard Plus CheapSnub LCSSR (4 board set)

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This is a simple 4 channel low current LCSSR board with a snubber option for AC LED's.


This board is a simple 4 channel SSR design and adds “snubber” resistors to greatly reduce or completely eliminate “ghosting” (string or light glow when off) that can occur on low power lights (like LEDs) that are plugged into the SSR. In general it takes SSR control signals, including dimming control, from a Renard designed for SSR operation, and outputs line level AC (alternating current) at low current to directly power low power lights/and light strings. The SSR is the board that actually controls the power to the lights as directed by the Renard controller. Each board controls 4 channels @ 1amp MAX each of AC lighting. The power for each channel is handled by a VO2223a optocoupler / power phototriac for the power output.


RP Cheap Snubber LCSSR

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