Renard Plus Pix-Extender (no/terminals) 5 Pack

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The Pix-extender kit is essentially a “pixel line extender” that allows putting space/extra wire between two pixels of a pixel string or pixel strip without losing the data signal because of timing and/or line voltage drop.

Note: This option does not include terminal blocks in kit.

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The Renard Plus Pix-tender (Pixel Extender) is a device used in conjunction with smart pixel strings. As the name implies, it is used to extend the distance between pixels.

Why do you need this? Sometimes you might want to split a pixel string to have a considerable distance between one pixel and the next. You might need to span a gap (for example: between the peak on the house over 10’s of feet (or more) to a continuation of the string on the garage). Just adding wire between pixels does not work because pixels are designed to only communicate inches (up to a few feet maybe max) to the next pixel in the string. The Pix-tender boosts the data signal to allow tens (maybe up to hundreds) of feet from one pixel to the next. It goes in-line near the last pixel on the string before the needed gap and allows the data line to be extended. It does not boost or help the voltage connections to the pixels so you may need to do power injection (supplemental power) if the gap is very large.

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