4 Universe controller
  • Shown with optional 3D printed case
  • 4 Universe controller

RHL 4 Universe controller Rev A


A nice little controller that is very easy to use. The only setting is the base multicast address for the board. The board comes programmed and you only need to solder a few through hole components. This kit includes all of the parts except the Renard/DMX headers and shunt jumpers. Yes, also includes the ethernet boards.


Supports multi-cast Ethernet E1.31, daisy chain-able Ethernet
Lamp test button
Four outputs of 2048 channels each (682 pixels), WS281x type
High performance controller, no dropped packets, scan rates up to 5mS
Optional DMX/Renard output 56.7K, 115.2K & 230.4K (512 channels)
Supports both 5V and 12V strings

If you have a 3D printer you can go to Thingiverse down load source files and print your own case. the direct link is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3533589.

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RHL 4 Output User Guide

Download (518.92k)