BBB Matrix (cape) Kit
  • BBB Matrix (cape) Kit

RHL BBB Matrix (cape) Kit


The BBB Matrix is designed to act as a BeagleBone Black (or Green) “cape” to a number of P-10 RGB LED matrix panels. The BeagleBone is a full ARM cpu based computer that runs derivatives of the Linux operating system.


Our BBB Matrix cape kit is a redesign of the Octoscroller and contains all of the parts (excluding the Beagle Bone Board) to build the kit..

The Octoscroller is a project created by NYC Resistor’s Trammel Hudson and Matt Mets. The Octoscroller is a classic message alert polygon featuring eight 16x32 RGB LED (P10 from Ray Wu) matrix panels. It features LEDS at eight to 16 levels of brightness for each color (producing approximately 12-bit color). This board is designed as a cape for the BeagleBone Black and more information can be found at:

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RP BBB Matrix User Guide

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