DC Distribution Board Kit
  • DC Distribution Board Kit

Renard Plus DC Distribution Board Kit


This 1 DC input and 6 fused outputs is ideal providing power to multiple devices. This kit contains all of the parts to build the distribution board.


The DC Distribution board is a simple device designed to take a single high power DC source and provide multiple (up to 6) safely FUSED outputs. The fuse is an automatic resetting polyfuse so if you have a power issue, the power is disconnected until the short is resolved and will automatically be restored. This allows you to power your various DC projects, such as pixels, “dumb” RGB strips, and/or other low power DC effects from a single power source. It makes connecting, and maintaining those elements and helps simplify your power wiring.

A note on poly fuses: Several of our customers have raised the issue that they would rather have resettable fuses on their board. The magic about a poly fuse is that if you trip one, you don't have put on your winter closed. go outside were is may be raining, snowing, or very cold, open up a controller box with gloves and replace. All this is needed to to remove the power for a short time and plug it back in, thus the fuse gets reset. The fuded we supply with out kits can be reset about 20,000 times before then need to be reset (in other worked unplug and plug back in 20,000 times.


RP DC Distrobution

Download (799.26k)

DC Distro 3D mounting fixture

This is the 3D stl file to print a mounting fixture

Download (402.13k)